IJ Start Canon Pixma G2012 Setup

IJ Start Canon Pixma G2012 Setup

IJ Start Canon Pixma G2012 Setup

Canon Pixma G2012 Reviews– Being completely paperless is very important, but it’s still not easy. An entirely digital and paperless environment may still be decades away and the requirements for printers are still in high demand. While most offices and homes are currently investing in printers as the most needed tool for work, the main concern for both segments is operational costs.

Printers as equipment are very cheap, but the costs required to maintain it are the same as those felt by consumers. Think of it like having a car that has low mileage. So, if you have a printer, you must continue to run so that the print head does not dry out, which is the most expensive component that can be replaced. Aside from the head dries, you have to refill ink cartridges, which are not cheap either.

Almost all companies that produce printers offer novice ink cartridges consisting of several milliliters of ink that can print an average of 500-1000 pages. This cartridge needs to be replaced with an original one because refilling ink cartridges will make your printer without warranty. Because the warranty is the main problem here, users are finally forced to buy original cartridges that are quite expensive. While ink cartridges come in two variants – standard and XL, they also tend to run out, ensuring you end up lightening your pocket at least once a month. The

Today’s inkjet printers also have a unique way to measure the amount of ink balance in a cartridge tank. No, there are absolutely no sensors in the tank to find out the exact level of ink left over or used. The printer calculates cartridge life based on the number of print copies that pass through the printer mechanism. For example, if your cartridge is declared to produce 1,000 pages in a full tank, the printer will report an empty cartridge after exactly 1,000 pages – including the calculated paper jam. So, whether you print one dot on all 1,000 pages or print a completely black page, the ink tank is estimated to give you 1,000 pages until it looks blank. In the first case, if you only print one dot on 1,000 pages, your cartridge will still have more than 90 percent ink balance, however, the printer will force you to replace the cartridge thinking that the cartridge is now empty. In the second case where you print an entire black page, your cartridge will run out of ink in about 200 pages or less, and the printer still won’t allow you to replace the ink tank because you still think there is a lot of ink left. What is needed in printers today is intelligence about the amount of ink distributed on a page compared to the amount of ink in a tank.

The examples above are facts and hence printer companies are usually poorly called as making money through cartridge sales. ‘The fact is partly true because it will be cheaper to buy genuine cartridges than to cancel your warranty. Refill cartridges will not give you print quality because the ink used varies in quality and color compared to the original. Also, you end up losing the warranty. However, in the end, you can submit a possible claim that buying a new printer is cheaper than choosing a new cartridge.

Another major concern is when consumers think twice about buying a printer at home or a small office if the printing volume is low. There are many printers that have high yield cartridges, but still, need to be replaced after they are used up. However, the most expensive part of the cartridge is the print head, after the ink itself. Therefore the ink tank printer concept emerged. While leading printer manufacturers are slowly bringing ink tank printers to consumers with high printing volume requirements, are they good enough as an investment? The answer is yes, provided you have a high print volume.

Canon, a leading manufacturer and longtime player in the imaging business, recently released the Canon Pixma G2012 in India. This printer boasts a very large ink tank that is very easily maintained by the users themselves. This printer is an all-in-one MFD and holds four large ink tanks for each color CMYK.

The Canon Pixma G2012 is an all-in-one refill ink tank printer specifically intended for high volume printing purposes. This printer is intended for small businesses, schools and also many printing places are the main requirements every day.


IJ Start Canon Pixma G2012 Setup for Windows

Type of Drivers Download
Canon Pixma G2012 Full Drivers Software Package Windows Here
Canon Pixma G2012 MP Setup Drivers Windows Here

Support for Os x32/ x64:

  • Windows XP
  • WindowsVista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10